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Zahara de los Atunes



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The beaches of Zahara de los Atunes have nothing to envy to the Caribbean. These are some of our favorites but there are many more to discover as well as many other things to do in Zahara.


The most famous and well known of the beaches of Zahara de los Atunes and probably the one you will visit the most since it is the closest to the apartments. Located along the town, its more than 4 km of fine sand cover some of the streets of the fishermen’s neighborhood. On its shore you will see the remains of El Vapor, an old sunken ship, perhaps the symbol of Zahara par excellence. This beach has all the services you may need, a surf school and some of the best beach bars and is also very close to the best restaurants.

Playa de Atlanterra

Located in Atlanterra, a residential area full of tourist apartments that although it is located a few kilometers from the center of town belongs administratively to Tarifa.
An impressive beach that has all the services you may need to spend a great day at the beach, such as: sun loungers, umbrellas, lifeguards, etc.

Playa de los Alemanes o de Agua de Enmedio

A wonderful beach ranked among the 10 wildest beaches in Spain according to the periódico El Mundo.
It is essential to go by car and in it you will not find beach bars or services so it is not bad ideal to carry provisions. Supposedly it owes its name to its use during the Second World War as a discreet supply area for German ships and after its completion as an area of refuge and hiding place for the Nazis who escaped defeat.

Playa del Bunker o Cala de los Alemanes

It is the best option for windy days because it is protected from the annoying Levante wind by the Sierra de la Plata. Like the previous beach you will need the car to get there. Here you will find an old bunker from the civil war where many local people used to go fishing. It is a perfect beach for diving or snorkeling because it is full of natural pools.

Playa del Cañuelo

If you have not had enough with the three previous beaches and want to know more beaches of Zahara de los Atunes and if you are not afraid of a little nudism you can not miss the beach of Cañuelo. It is one of the few totally wild beaches left in Spain so do not expect to find services or access by car. Getting there is not easy but it is certainly worth it. Start by heading to the Camarinal lighthouse and leave the car in the parking area you will find. Looking for a little you will find a small path that will take you straight to the beach.

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The salty air, the scent of the ocean, and the sound of the waves await you in Zahara de los Atunes.

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